Originally the hardwood furniture in 'The Ethan Collection' was made using some of the unique species of hardwoods then available from New Zealand. However, twenty years ago, to conserve their natural resources, the New Zealand Government banned the export of their indigenous hardwoods as well as banning the export of any products made from it.

To replace these indigenous woods, we sourced FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) hardwoods which conform to RHS regulations, ensuring Green Meadow Furniture are able to exhibit at a number of prestigious shows including Chelsea Flower Show.

Conservation is an increasingly urgent consideration, and we endeavour at all times to ensure we use responsibly grown and replanted species. Many of our discerning clients are rightfully concerned about conservation. They know that buying our hardwood furniture (and following our simple and easy care regime) will enable them to practice the best conservation possible - buying timeless furniture with a lifespan measured in decades. 

Our contemporary designs complement any period of architecture, so can move with families as life progresses and changes. This is such a common occurrence amongst our clients that Green Meadow Furniture even offer a relocation service for the products in 'The Ethan Collection'.

If you have any specific questions about our commitment to conservation, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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