Cushions & Fabric Accessories

Add another level of luxury to your furniture with our stylish cushions and accessories. 

Our fabric is 100% marine acrylic, colour fast, and UV and mildew resistant. We boast a total of nine sophisticated cushion fabric colours, selected for their understated refinement. The high quality of our cushion and fabric accessories mean that they are extremely easy to clean and hard-wearing.

Cushions can be securely attached with velcro to ensure they remain in place, meaning your furniture is always looking show-room standard. 

We have a range of fabric products of outstanding quality, which will enhance your experience of our furniture. Our range includes:

Recliner Cushion and Head Pillow

This is perfect for lazy days, where you can recline in comfort and style.

Bench and Chair Cushions

We believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice your comfort in order to have beautiful garden furnishings. Our bench and chair cushions compliment our furnishings seamlessly, so they are of course the natural choice.

Stool Pads

Equally, our stool pads can add finesse and comfort to your stool, softening the stool's hard features.

Umbrella sun and breeze skirts

The crowning glory of any umbrella, your umbrella skirt should reflect the aesthetic of your garden, as well as your own personal style. We can provide the perfect umbrella skirt to suit your requirements to the letter.

Chest Winter Covers

Don't let the elements spoil such an elegantly crafted piece of furniture, use one of our covers during the Winter months to avoid any damage caused by intemperate weather.

Double sided cushions

If you're struggling to choose a single cushion colour, you can choose a double-sided option. You can flip over the cushions, selecting whichever colour or side most suits the occasion or mood. 

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