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Ethan Oil is an essential for maintaining your furniture to the high standard that it arrived in.

If you require some Ethan Oil for any of our items in The Ethan Collection please fill out the short form below to put in your request, or please feel free to contact Tim Elliott directly on +44 (0)7778 460 727 if required.

Payment via bank transfer will be arranged on receipt.

Notes that apply for both silvered or keeping the oiled finish colour.

A fuss is often made regarding oiling garden furniture by both mass producers and garden centres! This is not the case with our ‘Ethan Oiled’ Furniture and the comments now made should clarify why and what is the simple solution to keeping your Ethan Furniture clean and periodically FED! ( This applies to alternative top end furniture but not ‘shed’ cheapo! If unsure check with us first!)

i. With Ethan Design and Production Ltd. we are using a far higher grade, quality and thickness of timber that has been selected and seasoned for the purpose. As we expect a very long life and service from your furniture we do not count the cost when selecting suitable species and quality from sustainable FSC sources. We use marine techniques making your furniture! We use marine fittings- either Stainless Steel or Gold plated Brass!

ii. Ethan Oil is not a stain but simply a feed to top up the original hardwood oils in the timber when newly made. Our Ethan oil formula is synthetic and unique; We could find no treatments offered in the market that were not based on Linseed or similar vegetable oils!

These grow algae and so are unsuitable; These often contain some form of stain or dye to leave a garish and un-natural look to the timber after drying! Our oil is colourless and simply feeds while initially darkening the timber. It also contains carbolic acid to help protect the timber from Alae and Fungus.  Lastly our oil does not seal the surface but leaves it to breath naturally and so dry out quickly.

NB-Whether you wish to retain the colour of your furniture OR allow to silver/mellow- in both cases you need to clean the furniture using a bucket of hot water / 1/2 dessertspoon of salt / ½ cup bleach and squirt of fairy liquid then mix together. Add a spoon of sugar soap if grease/oil marks are an issue. This should be done spring and autumn plus again in winter if a long wet spell causes the risk of excessive algae infesting! It only takes ten mins- so quick and easy. Also-Do after a party to remove food , wine and even bird stains!

To remove silvering and keep oiled look-Use a stiff scrubbing brush if you want to remove the silver/mellowing –. It is common sense that you scrub off the start of silvering and any algea to keep the original look that will return when you oil having let the timber dry right out first after washing.

To keep the silver mellowing- with a soft silky brush to keep the silver from bone dry gently apply the mixture to create a foam on all the surfaces then leave the mix to pickle for 15mins- if the algae is still evident then gently do it again.

Once cleaned, in both cases, rinse the table top with the remaining mix in the bucket and allow to soak the area under and around the setting- slabs or decking-this will kill and clean but also kill algae then not re-infect the furniture legs for some time. Spray WD40 on electrics/gear box and switch gear/cable plugs etc.also if you have an Ethan Umbrella spray the plug socket at bottom and top if older system.

Oiling -Once all is clean and –important-bone dry. Apply the oil with a brush in even stokes following the grain on all upper faces of the furniture and the leg bases if needed. In either case you are simply topping up the original oils of the timber and –if the oil puddles and will not dry off- dab the surface with an old towel- do not wipe or you will remove the silvering.

Cover the setting to avoid dew or rain soaking the furniture until it has absorbed the oil and dried out. The setting will then look like new but if silvered the oil darkening will soon disappear as the sun dries it and the silver will slowly show through as the oil is stabilised within the timber. If the silver was cleaned off then the oil colour will stay for far longer.

Sandpaper wipe- during the initial adjusting period, max 6 months , it is wise to periodically wipe with the grain line-not sand- the upper seat and table surfaces with very fine sandpaper / 180-240 grit / to remove any gritting as the timber adapts to the elements. The two wedges supplied help the table to drain rainwater off via the gaps between the boards of the table top-so use in winter and when prolonged wet weather is forecast.

If unsure then call Tim on 07778 460727- better safe than sorry so if you are unsure - call.

NB. Your five year warranty may be invalidated if our care recommendations are not followed and it is so simple!                                    

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