Handmade Garden Furniture

When we first introduced ‘The Ethan Collection’ at Chelsea Flower Show the response was phenomenal. We were offering a product that immediately created a unique social gathering point for every home. Our round table settings enable everyone to see each other around the table, seating from 6 to 20 people in comfort and ensuring the social party ambience can be enjoyed by all those lucky enough to be included.


Round Table Settings

There is an element of King Arthur to round tables where all are equal. Our round table settings enable everyone to see each other around the table.

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Oval Table Settings

Oval tables provide many of the benefits of a round setting, but are more suited to narrower areas where space is at a premium.

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Rectangular Tables

We offer Rectangular tables from 700mm to 3500mm long to suit the number of people you wish to seat and the available terrace space.

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show
The Game Fair - Ragley Hall
RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

The furniture arrives in natural timber colour treated with our own unique oil - which is colourless, so simply feeds and enhances the timber grain. You can keep it oiled so retain the brown wood look but the more popular is to allow the weather and UV to swiftly turn the timber a bleached light grey. Most of the pictures on our website show this bleached finish, simply because we exhibit and display older furniture (not new) as clients want to see how the furniture really weathers left outside with minimum maintenance. It's far more honest than showing everything brand new. One set we display is now over 25 years old - out all the time, cleaned regularly and oiled occasionally, it is stunning to see and smooth to touch.

- Tim Elliott

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

What size table is right for me?

This is probably one of the most important questions, and the answer depends on the maximum number of people you’d like to be seated comfortably. The best way to get started is normally to send us an email or phone Tim for a very friendly informal chat about what you’re looking for.

What sort of timber to do you use?

We source hardwoods from responsibly managed forests certified by FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council®) or accredited in accordance with ITTO (International Tropical Timber Organisation) standards. Our hardwood doesn’t bleed or weep sap to stain tiles, decks or clothing. It’s a medium weight hardwood which makes it slightly easier to manage, and weathers to a very pleasant silver grey in a similar manner to oak.

Why is your furniture so expensive?

Expert craftsmanship and quality timber come at a price. Although it’s expensive our furniture represents excellent value for money because it’s built to last. We believe that practicing conservation through the principle of “buy well, buy once”.

Why do you import from New Zealand rather than building locally?

The traditional maritime skills used to build our furniture are now rare in the UK but such traditional craftsmen still thrive in New Zealand. The proven and established marine techniques are used to create furniture with unparalleled longevity and quality.

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