Lazy Susan

Perfect for the larger tables. Every table in 'The Ethan Collection' has a matching Lazy Susan in the correct size. For tables smaller than 1600mm round, a Lazy Susan is not generally needed as the sitters can reach items with ease.

As the warmer months roll in, and alfresco dining very much remains the theme of limited social gatherings in the UK these days, the addition of a Lazy Susan could be the must-have garden feature you never knew you needed. 

Inspired by Chinese cuisine, as a practical method of transporting dim sum around a full table of diners, the Lazy Susan is the ultimate accessory for communal feasting. Guests can be within reaching distance of a wedge of your finest stilton, or a glass of chilled Pinot, before they’ve had a chance to say, pass me the cheese—all with just a quick turn of this ingenious rotating servery. 

If you’re convinced, we have some good news for you. For every suitably large table in Green Meadow’s Ethan Collection, we have the perfect-sized Lazy Susan to match it. Made from the highest quality hardwood and installed with a custom-made marine, stainless steel bearing—for a quiet, effortless rotation—these furniture extras enhance any number of garden experiences. From wine tasting and barbecues, to sharing tapas or a child’s birthday party buffet, these handcrafted spinning platters simply make life easier! 

Our Lazy Susans feature several small wheels mounted around the outer rim— this provides extra stability when larger, heavier items are placed near the edge. Enjoying a champagne ice bucket for a special occasion? Not a problem.

So, if you’re planning on making the most of your garden this summer, as lockdown restrictions begin to ease and you can start to welcome friends and family back into your outdoor spaces, a Lazy Susan could be an inspired addition to your favourite Green Meadow table.

Green Meadow Lazy Susan Features

  • Custom-made marine, stainless steel bearing manufactured by Ethan Design & Production in New Zealand
  • This centre bearing ensures smooth, quiet and effortless turning even with heavy items on the Lazy Susan.
  • The Lazy Susan includes several small wheels mounted around the outer edge. These provide extra stability when larger bowls are placed near the edge.
  • Can be used on a table with or without an umbrella
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