Master Craftsmen with Maritime Heritage

Our hardwood furniture in 'The Ethan Collection' is made using proven traditional methods employed in Marine wooden boat building. These skills are now rare in the UK but such traditional craftsmen still thrive in New Zealand. The steam bending and hardwood lamination techniques utilised are vital to make watertight marine craft. These proven and established techniques are used to create furniture with unparalleled longevity and skill.

Using marine stainless steel screws, bolts and brass fittings also render the finished furniture inert to weather and saltwater. Wide thick boards for tabletops with narrow rain cleats ensure a level surface devoid of excessive gaps. Lazy Susan’s with marine turntables and safety wheels ensure a quiet gliding rotation.

The maritime heritage extends to our fabric choices too. Marine acrylic fabric is used for cushions and umbrellas in numerous tones and colours, all designed to complement the weathered timber of the furniture as well as garden foliage.

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