King Arthur’s Round Table and why it’s important today

The Medieval Norman poet, Robert Wace, first described King Arthur’s Round Table in his 1155 work Roman de Brut. Wace reasoned that the table became a feature of Arthur’s court as a means to stop hostilities between barons and landowners; none of whom were keen to accept a lower status than their counterparts. Everyone had an equal footing at the table, so discussions were less likely to descend into fighting and conflict. That was the plan anyway...

Fast forward nearly a thousand years, and while families and friends aren’t liable to be drawing swords at the dinner table, the idea of equal status furniture remains an important concept in a modern household.

One of the numerous benefits of having a round garden table with seating, is that there is no head of the table. Equal spacing and orientation allows equal opportunity for everyone to engage in face-to-face conversation. Having a round garden table will immediately shape the dynamic of an alfresco social occasion. Family and friends can enjoy the spoils of a barbecue or a lovingly-prepared buffet, without feeling as if they are the underlings of the host. It contributes to a much more casual experience for everyone involved. 

As the sun sets in your outdoor space, and the card games and board games come out with a bottle of Merlot and a cheese board, the round garden table really comes into its own. With a fixed common centre, these furniture pieces are perfectly suited for an intimate evening of entertainment.

Here at Green Meadow, we understand the historical significance of the Arthurian round table and its value in a contemporary setting. We have a whole range of beautifully handcrafted hardwood round tables, ideal for any number of outdoor environments. 

There’s a litany of different seating combinations to choose from—from a two-seater pedestal bistro table to a grand 15-20 seater—as well as a whole host of useful extras. Umbrella octagonals, additional stools, and Lazy Susans for the larger tables in the range. Whichever dimension of table you choose, they all offer a comfortable sitting space, and chair arms and benches can be pushed neatly under the table when not in use.

So, whether it’s family and friends you’re inviting over for a relaxed summer’s evening in the garden, or a bevy of land barons to discuss the latest charter, a Green Meadow round table could be just the thing you’re looking for!

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Updated on February 15th 2024

Posted on May 14th 2021

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