Oval Table Settings

Find Your Perfect Oval Table

All dimensions offer a comfortable sitting distance from the table edge.
Chair arms and benches simply push under the table when not is use. 


This is a spacious dinner party size if terrace and numbers demand more capacity. Note for this length we suggest two Lazy Susans so both ends of the table can reach one.

  • 16 plus Seater
  • Oval Table 3000mmx1750mm (45mm Tabletop)
  • Three-seater benches - 1400mm(x4)
  • Parson James Chairs (x2)
  • Ethan Stools (x2)
  • Optionally, instead of chairs and stools, you can use 1065mm Benches as carvers x 2
  • Umbrella Octagonal - 4000mm
  • Lazy Susans - 780mm (x2)


This oval table setting is more suited to narrower areas but maintains the social atmosphere of the round table.

  • 12 Seater (14 with optional stools)
  • Oval Table 2500mmx1600mm (45mm tabletop)
  • Two/Three seater benches -1210mm (x4)
  • Parson James Chairs (x2)
  • Umbrella Octagonal or Oval - 4000mm
  • Lazy Susan - 780mm


This is popular and versatile, seating 8-10 (or 10-12 with benches instead of chairs).

  • 8 - 10 Seater
  • Oval Table 2000mmx1400mm
  • Spacious three-seater benches - 1500mm(x2)
  • Parson James Chairs (x2)
  • Umbrella Octagonal or Oval - 3600mm
  • Lazy Susan - 580mm


This table is very compact so economic on space – the benches and chairs push under the table to reduce footprint if required.

  • 6 - 8 Seater
  • Oval Table 1600mmx1200mm
  • Spacious two-seater benches - 1300mm (x2)
  • Parson James Chairs (x2)
  • Umbrella Octagonal or Oval - 3300mm

The furniture arrives in natural timber colour treated with our own unique oil - which is colourless, so simply feeds and enhances the timber grain. You can keep it oiled so retain the brown wood look but the more popular is to allow the weather and UV to swiftly turn the timber a bleached light grey. Most of the pictures on our website show this bleached finish, simply because we exhibit and display older furniture (not new) as clients want to see how the furniture really weathers left outside with minimum maintenance. It's far more honest than showing everything brand new. One set we display is now over 25 years old - out all the time, cleaned regularly and oiled occasionally, it is stunning to see and smooth to touch.

- Tim Elliott

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