Umbrellas & Stand (with LED lights)


A stunning and practical feature of any outside space, an umbrella should be both beautiful and functional. In every one of our umbrellas you see this fusion between practical efficiency and attractive details. 

This piece has a laminated pole for extra strength, with aesthetically pleasing brushed stainless steel fittings. The fittings on our umbrellas were brass until very recently, which is why you’ll notice brass fittings in a lot of our pictures

We have implemented a brass sleeve to allow smooth fitting into the stand, with a unique bayonet locking system for added stability. Our umbrella is supported by ribs that are reinforced with brass inserts, with turned bosses with felt glides. All components of this stunning piece of craftsmanship have also been meticulously sealed in silicon or Ethan oil.

Not only this, but our umbrellas are innovative; they are equipped with a unique pulley system and lighting system.

In terms of the fabric we use, it is 100% marine acrylic, colourfast UV, and mildew resistant. Choice isn't an issue either, with over 50 fabric colours available. We will also provide you with a tailored weather sleeve for all sizes.

Available in a range of sizes

  • Octagonal: 3000mm, 3300mm, 3600mm, 3800mm & 4000mm dameter
  • Oval: 3300x3000mm, 3600x2600mm & 3800x3000mm.
  • Square (not standard): 2400mm & 3000mm.

Umbrella Stand

Available in two designs; one in the Ethan tables and an alternative with a wider base plate to stand alone.

Our stand is stylish, as well as acting as a solid anchor for the umbrella. The attractive lines complement any other Ethan Furniture that you may have.

Like the umbrella, the stand has a unique 'bayonet-style' locking system for added security and stability.

We have also included nylon 25mm handles for easy moving and it's feet allow airflow under the stand. The brass plate and polyethene collar also provide a firm fit for the pole.

In total, this stand weighs 50Kg, weighted with steel 'shot' in sealed plastic.

LED Lights

Our lights provide an unrivalled ambience to your umbrella, making it a unique addition to your outside space. Our lights are not harsh, but are a high quality filtered ‘warm white’ LED.

These lights are powered by either battery or mains transformer, with a charger supplied by us with a battery option. You can toggle the on/off switch and use the charger socket fitted under table edge.

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