Umbrellas & Stand (with LED lights)


  • Laminated pole for extra strength.
  • Solid brass gold plated fittings.
  • Brass sleeve allows smooth fitting into the stand.
  • Unique bayonet locking system for added stability.
  • Ribs reinforced with brass inserts.
  • Hand turned bosses with felt glides and all components meticulously sealed in silicon or Ethan oil.
  • Unique pulley system and lighting system.
  • Fabric 100% marine acrylic, colourfast UV and mildew resistant.
  • Over 50 fabric colours available.
  • Tailored weather sleeve for all sizes.

Available in a range of sizes

  • Octagonal: 3000mm, 3300mm, 3600mm, 3800mm & 4000mm dameter
  • Oval: 3300x3000mm, 3600x2600mm & 3800x3000mm.
  • Square (not standard): 2400mm & 3000mm.

Umbrella Stand

Available in two designs - one in the Ethan tables and an alternative with a wider base plate to stand alone.

  • Stylish, solid anchor for the umbrella
  • Attractive lines complement other Ethan Furniture
  • Unique 'bayonet-style' locking system for added security and stability
  • Nylon 25mm handles for easy manoeuvering.
  • Feet allow airflow under the stand.
  • Brass plate and polyethene collar provide a firm fit for the pole.
  • 50Kg - weighted with steel 'shot' in sealed plastic.

LED Lights

  • High quality filtered ‘warm white’ LED
  • Powered by either battery or mains transformer
  • Toggle on/off switch and charger socket fitted under table edge
  • Charger supplied with battery option
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